St Matthew’s Primary School

Annual Statement 2022

It is with pleasure that I ask you to read this Annual Statement for 2022.

It has been another busy year with several students coming and going throughout the year. The roll closed at 142 at the end of 2021, and a starting roll of 144 for 2022.  We predict to reach a roll of 150 this year. This amount of transition is just another area that our teachers have to manage as they present our curriculum to the children through the various changes and disruptions brought about by COVID.

The school continues to work extremely hard to support families as well, always seeking ways to support the relationship between home and school, especially as 2021 was very disrupted and unsettling.

Again the school and the school community managed and responded well to COVID.  The teachers established remote and online learning opportunities for the students.  With the continued introduction of the Chromebooks to more students and the staff’s development in implementing learning supported by technology, we are well-positioned to deliver the modern New Zealand curriculum.

The year saw the completion of the refurbishment of the grounds with the replacement of the old AstroTurf with a modern synthetic grass from Tiger Turf.  The school is looking forward to the continued improvements to the school environment with the ongoing support from the Board of Proprietors.

There was an increase in academic achievement across the whole school in all curriculum areas, however, there is still much work required to assist our learners, who do not have English as their first language, to continue supporting their success.


Andrew Eagle


St. Matthew’s Primary School