Our People

Early Childhood Centre

1. School

Mike Coyle is our Office Manager and the person who knows what is going on!

Our Principal is Andrew Eagle.

Deputy Principal is Kathryn Rowe.

Classroom Teachers:
Nicola McCullough in B2

Rachel Foster in B3
Erin Van der Peet in W2
Sandra Chisnall in Room W3
Kathryn Rowe in Room W4
Katrina Drinkwater and Alana Palleson in W5


We work in with 3 of the Hastings After School Care programmes which have pick up and delivery to and from school. Contact us at the office for further details.

3. Early Childhood Centre - Waiapu Kids

Anglican Care's Waiapu Kids Centre is based at St Matthew's as well. A very busy and active centre staffed by fantastic staff. You can contact them on 878 6924. Rayna Wallace is the manager