Learning @ Home

St. Matthew's is committed to providing ongoing learning opportunities for our students. Our plan is to provide ‘Learning @ Home’ opportunities for our students from the 15th April.  

Children, and the adults in their lives, are likely to be anxious and this is a new way of learning for us all. We all need to prioritise our own health and wellbeing. Time away from devices is important and we need to ensure we make space for exercise and each other.

You will understand the importance of routine for your family. If your routine has been shaken up, like you’re now working from home, it’s good to structure your time. Routines are reassuring, and promote health and physical wellbeing. The attached image is an example timetable (targeted at children) that could be something your household adapts to use.

We will need to be flexible and realistic about what ‘Learning @ Home’ means for students and teachers. There will continue to be a variety of approaches offered that will reflect the diversity of both our teachers and students. Where students are working on long term assignments or projects, teachers will continue to offer support and feedback through the online platforms we are using.

Teacher Contact

Nicola McCulloughRoom B2 - Yr 1 nicola.m@stmatthewsprimary.school.nz

Kate ThorburnRoom B3 - Yr 1&2 kate.t@stmatthewsprimary.school.nz

Katrina DrinkwaterRoom W5 - Yr 3 katrina.d@stmatthewsprimary.school.nz

Rachel FosterRoom W5 - Yr 3 rachel.f@stmatthewsprimary.school.nz

Sandra ChisnallRoom W3 - Yr 4 sandra.c@stmatthewsprimary.school.nz

Erin Van der PeetRoom W2 - Yr 5&6 erin.v@stmatthewsprimary.school.nz

Kathryn RoweRoom W4 - Yr 7&8 kathryn.r@stmatthewsprimary.school.nz